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Helen and I wish to thank you for your support over the year's. If you are looking for a painting for yourself or a special gift that will last for a life time, please feel free to visit at 257 Herchimer Ave, Belleville. Or Call Us 613-969-1272
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The only time I feel alive is when I'm painting.... Vincent van Gogh
I started painting at an early age in my native Denmark where I studied under well know Danish artist Sarus Nielsen. Moving to Canada in 1951 I studied evenings for three years at Ontario College of Art (OCA) attending classes under John Alfsen and George Pepper. I studied a further three years under different teachers through the famous art school. I have painted full time since 1972. I prefer to paint on location, to capture the immediate response to a scene in nature. I hope to convey those feelings to the viewer, painting oil and watercolours in a loose impressionistic style. In my younger years I looked forward to life and what lay ahead of me. Now at an older age and having lived through and experienced more than most, I can look back and appreciate the good times I have had. Memories of the old times are a plenty and in my paintings I try to capture those. Old places like old faces have stories to tell. Enjoy your stay with me through my personal web studio.
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